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So a new week brings new items. Today we wanted to show off our line of exclusive items we’ve dubbed ‘Vintage Alloy.’ These unique items are available only on our site and are priced to sell. ¬†We have three color options available for each of the items: charcoal (black), silver, and brass. We have horseshoe/circular barbells, labret/monroe, curved barbells and finally cheater plugs.

Vintage Alloy Finish Horseshoe/Circular Barbell

Measures: 16ga-3/8″(10mm)

Perfect For: Nostril, Septum, Lip, Cartilage Piercings

vintage horseshoe


Vintage Alloy Finish Labret/Monroe 

Measures: 16ga-5/16″(8mm)

Perfect For: Labret, Monroe, Cartilage Piercingsvintage labret



Vintage Alloy Finish Curved Barbell

Measures: 16ga-5/16″(8mm)

Perfect For: Lip, Eyebrow, Cartilage Piercings

vintage curved

Vintage Alloy Cheater Plugs

Measures: 18ga

Perfect For: Ear Piercingsvintage cheater