Body piercing Jewelry has been in fashion for many years. With modern technology, piercing devices and new fashion body jewelry, we forgot about the old traditional ways of decorating the flesh with jewels. Talking about piercing, the most commonly seen one is Ear Piercing. It’s been practiced all over the world since ancient times, particularly in tribal cultures.

In Europe, earrings for women fell from fashion generally between the 4th and 16th centuries, as styles in clothing and hair tended to obscure the ears, but they gradually thereafter came back into vogue in Italy, Spain, England and France. Thereafter spreading as well to North America until after World War I when piercing fell from favor and the newly invented Clip-on earring became high in demand and fashion.

It is interesting to note that ear piercing existed as many as 5,000 years ago. In 1991, a mummified and frozen body was found in the Austrian Glacier area. One of the things discovered was that the person’s ears were pierced with 7-11 mm diameter holes. Julius Caesar of the Roman Republic had his ears pierced. Wearing earrings at that time was considered to be a sign of wealth and luxury. Only the upper classes wore the pierced ear rings and represent the status symbol. Men and women both thereafter started wearing earrings. It seems like this popular fashion statement has been in existence since the beginning of time.

Ear Piercings
Ear Piercing History - Interesting Facts

We also noted that in the past in Europe, famous people as Shakespeare, Sir Walter Raleigh, Queen Elizabeth, and Francis Drake all had pierced ears. Sailors from Europe thought the earring would improve their eye sight. They also believed that if they died on board, when someone found their body washed ashore, they would get a Christian burial if their ears were punctured and adorned with earrings.

Europeans like to use the indwelling cannular method which involves the use of a hollow tube at the end of the needle for piercing. There are other methods now days whereby you can get the piercing done at the mall or at your doctor’s office.

Coming to latest fashion market in Europe, you will find that contemporary body piercing studios generally take numerous precautions to protect the health of the person being pierced and the piercer. 5,000 years is no doubt a long time for a fashion trend to endure and keep its spirit still alive amongst Europeans.